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    Investing in Animal Crossing art

    Posted in blogjune
    June 19th, 2013


    Today my art background came in handy (for a short time, anyway) in Animal Crossing New Leaf, as Crazy Redd’s tent came into town. He foxily sells paintings and sculptures, sometimes they are of dubious provenance. This can cause issues if you want to donate the painting to the Museum in the game, or you can cut your losses and make your own fake painting gallery at home. In any case it’s a good way to familiarise yourself with famous artworks.


    Crazy Redd selling paintings from his tent in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Crazy Redd in New Leaf


    Apologies for the fuzzy image – I had challenges with our 3DS and I decided to fix it next time. You can see the Vermeer on the left and Seurat on the right.


    I could pick the hairband colour fault in Girl with a Pearl Earring straight away, but I was unsure about The Milkmaid or A Sunday on La Grand Jatte or The Night Watch (speaking of The Night Watch, did you see this wonderful dramatization of the painting?).

    I could identify the works, but I found the colours and shapes a bit tricky to discern, even with the camera zoom. The Thonky guide has a complete list which was really helpful, it has both the paintings and sculptures.


    The only genuine painting offered was Seurat’s A Sunday on La Grand Jatte, but another player had beaten me to the purchase. So I donated my bells to a fund campaigning for a campsite for the town and shook some trees, but a hive fell out and I got stung by a lot of bees. The Seurat had held a promise of a beautiful outdoor experience but it wasn’t to be had this evening.



    Canberra Gallery Crawl

    February 12th, 2012


    Solstice Eyes (Lisa Twomey), CCAS Manuka

    "Eyes shut" painting by Lisa Twomey


    Today’s Canberra gallery crawl began with Lisa Twomey’s Solstice Eyes exhibition at CCAS (Manuka).


    The exhibition was a wonderful mix of fashion and painting – and some wonderful glitter elements.

    I think I still have glitter on my toes from walking around there.


    Sadly it was the last day, but you can see even more artworks at her blog.






    We were too early for M16 (Griffith) and PhotoAccess (Manuka), so we went to Beaver Galleries (Deakin) instead.





    Denese Oates, Olivia Bernardoff & other artists at Beaver Galleries, Deakin


    At Beaver Galleries, we saw lots of art including Denese Oates’ tree sculptures, Olivia Bernardoff’s paintings.


    "Mallee tree with birds" sculpture by Judy Holding


    Beaver Galleries’ Palette Café also has the best melting moments. In a perfect world, people would appreciate melting moments as much as cupcakes, cakes on a stick and macarons.


    Beaver Galleries is open Tuesday-Friday 10-5 and weekends 9-5.




    Bald Archy Prize at The Watson Arts Centre


    The Watson Arts Centre was quite busy – and then we realised that it was opening weekend of the Bald Archy Prize.


    We voted for number 5 – head along and add to the votes!


    The exhibition’s on until 12 March, open daily 10-4 and entry is $5 or $3 concession.





    Underwater Abstraction (onacloV) at ANCA Gallery, Dickson


    It was also the last day of onacloV’s Underwater Abstraction exhibition at ANCA Gallery (Dickson).

    There were beautiful underwater photographs on canvas and large abstract paintings.


    You can see more of her work here.

    ANCA Gallery is open Wednesday-Sunday 12-5.



    Benedict House, Queanbeyan


    Then we enjoyed the vintage style of Benedict House (Queanbeyan) – bowls of beads that look good enough to eat.


    Benedict House beads & view


    I think Benedict House is so comforting because of that classic old-house smell, which is hard to articulate but reminds me of those paper dollar plants and old plasterwork.

    Plus the vintage wares and delicious cake helps in making it such a welcoming space.


    Benedict House is open Wednesday-Sunday 10-5, call ahead for café bookings and their high teas.



    While Benedict House doesn’t technically qualify for our Canberra Gallery Crawl, I think this shows that there are things to do in the area.

    I need to learn to be quick to get in before exhibitions conclude. Oh well, there is always the next exhibition, and the next…