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    Cubicle zoo

    Posted in blogjune
    June 26th, 2014


    This display on my work desk means I can play with my zoo friends during hold music, hold music, hold.


    If I go on leave, I try to position the tiger, dinosaur and giraffe in different (lewd?) ways to see if they’re the same when I return. It’s stressful when Dino and Tiggy aren’t near the rock slice, because then they’ll get too thirsty and steal my tea. Dino used to growl and light up his eyes, but I pressed the button too many times. The rose is a build-it-yourself invitation from a gallery overseas. I sometimes put things on the easel but it makes the display more vulnerable to wind gusts.


    Animal figurines on desk

    Corporate jungle


    Bunny’s heart cushion was made by Kate (thank you!) who also sent me a beanie today which is very exciting in Canberra’s weather. When I was little I would be saddened by “soft” parcels, because it meant that the gift was clothes. But now it excites me because a soft parcel doesn’t contain books and has some novelty value!


    The Bolaffi catalogue of Baj's complete work

    Baj’s cat rais


    Books that came across my desk today included catalogues for Guy Grey-Smith, Christl Berg, and Enrico Baj – the cover reminded me a little of Adventure Time?


    It’s important to have different books on my desk so that the toys have new reading materials overnight (don’t want them to get bored and cause mischief like purposeful misshelving). Thanks Peter for the post inspiration!



    Bunny borrower

    Posted in blogjune
    June 12th, 2014


    “Hey bro, do you wanna hear a secret?”


    Bunny wants to hear a secret



    “Umm, sure I guess?”


    What bunny



    “I’m the vegetable thief. Sucked in, man!” he yells, running away with the kale.


    These are my friend’s pets – they are even toilet-trained! But obviously lacking in table manners and etiquette.


    Burglar bunny would be a pretty cute name for a pet – we had a great cassette tape of Burglar Bill when I was growing up. But he wasn’t a bunny. And you can now get the audio book on a format other than a cassette tape!



    Lucky rabbit’s foot drawings

    Posted in Art process, blogjune
    June 29th, 2013


    Lots of drawing today, with the Sketch (like pictionary) in Mr. S’ new Game & Wario.

    You can see my rabbit below, which was guessed quite quickly – sometimes things look better when they’re a little unfinished and not overdone.


    Rabbit by Sonja Barfoed in Game and Wario Sketch Pictionary

    Rabbit by Sonja Barfoed


    I’m rather pleased with it, considering it’s a drawing that took a few seconds without any reference material. Normally I use a lot of photographs and preliminary sketches.


    Roxanna Vizcarra’s feature in curvy is about knowing that artists do research: “As a teenager I was under this false impression that in order to draw really well you needed to be able to do so without any references. I wish someone had taught me differently earlier.” (Curvy 6, 2009, Paper Tiger Media Group, p. 6).

    Her drawing in Curvy is of Jack Rabbit in Year of the Rabbit, one of hordes of scrawny men dressed as bunnies working in an elderly lady’s mansion. Tighty whities!


    I also did some sketches of feet, hands and legs, here is a gratuitous podophilist drawing:


    Foot sketch by Sonja Barfoed

    Feet by Sonja Barfoed


    Interesting to compare the feeling of drawing on a screen and paper in the same day.

    …the pristine nature of the screen, sounds of the materials and the beautiful feathered deckle edge of the paper.