Rose study I

Sonja’s work explores process in the extraordinary of everyday life, such as a flower growing, the movement of a bicycle, the pattern of animal fur, and children’s activities such as connecting dot-to-dots and colouring “in the lines”. This focus on process is reflected in the journey of creating the work itself, such as making an aesthetically perfect apple core (involving eating far too many apples), tracing a bicycle journey with embroidery and turning subjects inside out with x-ray-like drawings.


Past work has focused on the linkages between preservation and decay (such as picking flowers or creating animal trophies) as well as questioning financial and aesthetic value by immortalising junk mail and detritus. Work is currently underway which contemplates the various subjects of moles (both animal and epidermal), information retrieval (in a librarianship/research framework) and hearts (in their medical and emotional contexts).



Rose study I

Embroidery floss on baking paper and Japanese paper


dimensions variable


Photo: Stuart Hay/Neal McCracken