Sonja likes to collect, research and sometimes hoard things like shopping lists – here are some items of particular interest.

Please contact Sonja if you have of the following:


  • taxidermied Talpidae and other animal specimens,
  • plastic bread tags in any colour (square type rather than bendy ties),
  • old-fashioned bed linen, pillowcases etc. with floral or garden designs and themes (preference is for attractive, semi-realistic designs rather than uber 1970s funk),
  • snail shells (from humanely passed on snails),
  • giraffe statues,
  • intact acorn specimens (with caps attached),
  • dead moths,
  • plastic dinosaurs,
  • zoetropes, and
  • high quality medical images of human hearts.


Thank you for your assistance and collaboration! (chocolates or semi-elegant thank you notes are on offer)