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  • My favourite shelf

    2nd June, 2015

    This is the best section out of all the shelves at my library.

    Breathe in, breathe out

    The warmth of books

    There are so many things I love:

    • that I walk past each day but still get a little tingle of “nipple surprise”;
    • how a portion of the title on the spine, “heart” is kind of close to the relevant (in an emotional and physical sense) area of the chest;
    • the gradation of high pink to pale skin to earth, couched by a guardian moat of blue-green spine guards; and
    • the visual fleshy conversation between two of the book spines, which is even better because they both reveal work by Patricia Piccinini, so the text bodies are close together.

    Even when the library is closed, the books press against each other to keep warm, sleeping until we wake them to leaf through their pages.

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    1. Sean Murgatroyd

      I very rarely think of books as physical things – to me they’re containers of information.

      Thanks for this jolt to a new perspective. Very interesting!

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