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  • Australiana in the Lodge

    3rd June, 2014


    A delightful article from Vogue’s guide to living (1967) has “an exclusive picture essay” and presents “the first photographs of the Prime Minister’s Canberra residence since it was recently redecorated” (p. 56).


    The Lodge article cover page

    The landing flag


    Mrs. Harold Holt [Zara] acted as her own decorator, infusing the house with Australiana including Australian pearl shells as ashtrays (admiring visitors had to order their own shells from the Dept. of Fisheries), cameo-carved emu eggs, paintings and drawings by Australian artists, and a giant draped flag on the staircase landing (spotlit at night).


    My favourite part is the bright pink bedroom which has beds that Mrs. Holt found discarded in the garage of a government building in Sydney. A sister dumpster diver!


    The article is worth hunting down for the fantastic retro photos, but sadly these older Vogue articles are either not digitised (or let me know otherwise!) or only available through the subscription-based Vogue Archive.




    The Lodge, Canberra: an exclusive picture essay. (1967, Summer). Vogue’s guide to living, 1, 56-63. Photographs by Kerry Dundas.



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    1. Kaaron Warren

      Thanks for that link! I found the article in the Australian Women’s Weekly: http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/page/4940036?zoomLevel=1

      Please note the description of the Clifton Pugh painting, and also Prince Charles’ feelings towards Euphoniums.



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