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  • “Becoming Kirsty-Lee” book launch this Saturday

    25th May, 2012



    Ginninderra Press have just published Zenda Vecchio’s second novel for adolescents, “Becoming Kirsty-Lee”.


    The book will be launched at Mount Barker Community Library (in the Adelaide Hills) at 1:30pm, this Saturday the 26th of May.



    "Becoming Kirsty-Lee" cover

    It tells the story of 13-year-old Kirsty-Lee coming to terms with her parents’ divorce and like all of Zenda’s writing, has lots of evocative and beautiful imagery:



    “It’s the end of autumn and all the leaves have changed colour.

    The liquidambars behind the house look like they’re on fire. They glow red and burgundy and copper-gold. Ash and I watch the leaves fall. They’re like butterflies dancing in the sun. They’re so brave. They’re dying and they know it but they go on with their dance anyway.

    Ash bends down and picks one up. He does it gently as if he knows it can still feel and the leaf, star-shaped in his hand, trembles as if it recognises him.” p. 32



    I designed the book cover, with patient help for the colours from Wesley Hobday.

    Find out all the details of the book launch from the Facebook event.


    “Becoming Kirsty-Lee” is now listed in Trove (library catalogue for all of Australia), and copies are for sale from Ginninderra Press.



    Zenda and I look forward to seeing you this Saturday!





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    1. Katy

      That’s Great ! Beautiful cover.
      The beauty of Canberra’s autumn is tangible in your art. I love it.

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