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  • Queanbeyan gallery crawl I

    31st December, 2013


    It’s been a while between gallery crawls, so we went all the way over the border (Queanbeyan is actually right next to Canberra, but there is a mindset about the distance as it’s in the next state). My friend had never been there before and really enjoyed the different architecture and more organic street design.


    There was an open day and sale at Schwarzrock Curtis Glass, the workspace and small gallery area were light-filled and very laid back. It would be nice to work at the desk growing all those fragile tentacles.


    Curtis Glass workshop area

    Curtis Glass workshop


    Dangerous territory with all these lovely things for sale, like glass tumblers in a triangular shape which were just made to hold.


    Curtis Glass sale table

    Curtis Glass wares


    Then we traipsed to Benedict House but were too late for tea – a shame. The beads and products in the rooms had been moved about for Christmas lunches (yes, one of my 2014 resolutions is to do things in a more timely fashion, as evidenced and betrayed by the seasonal baubles below).


    Benedict House Christmas baubles

    Christmas at Benedict House


    There were some lovely glass beads from Italy and I wondered if getting beads from the Canberra Glassworks would have a better local focus. I adore Benedict House, but I noticed that it didn’t have the same musty smell that reminiscent (get it?) of my Grandma’s house – sad for me but maybe good for them.


    Benedict House Italian glass beads

    Italian glass beads


    Maxley and the other dog (who wouldn’t stay still for me to read their name tag) were pretty pleased to see us, but I don’t think that’s a unique trait – they were pretty excitable in general.


    Maxley at Benedict House

    Benedict House’s Maxley


    We headed over to Form Studio and Gallery, who are co-located with a plumbing shop as evidenced by the pipey sculpture out the front.


    Form Studio and Gallery

    Form Studio and Gallery


    I should have paid more attention to opening hours as unfortunately they were closed. A resolution for next year!



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