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  • Incy wincy mystery

    23rd June, 2013


    Today I accidentally trapped a spider in the compost bin – I was putting a dead pumpkin vine in there and then the spider crawled up! I fished out poor wincy who is now somewhere in the nandina. You can see the compost bin in some of the pictures – not very glamorous as it’s just a regular bin with a hole cut out of the base.


    Unknown spider



    I’m not sure what kind it is – doesn’t seem distinctive enough for a St Andrew’s Cross, but the abdomen isn’t pointy enough for a Banded orb-weaving spider.


    Unknown spider



    I didn’t get to see the web, but it would have been close to the ground on the pumpkin vine. Canberra has also had a lot of rain recently so that might be something to do with spidey emerging.


    Unknown spider



    I looked at the Atlas of Living Australia but I couldn’t see any candidates. I might ask at the CSIRO’s Australian National Insect Collection.  Any ideas?



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    1. Nathanael Boehm

      Orb weavers are so varied, but I reckon it’s just a common Australian garden orb weaver; this is the closest I could find to similar body markings:


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